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The launch of the R5CA was massive undertaking for Cervélo, a Canadian bike manufacturer. They changed the game in terms of carbon manufacturing and this launch would change the company forever. 






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With one Tour de France win under their handlebars, the founders at Cervélo still felt they had a long way to go in order to 'arrive.' Part of the innovative approach was their R5CA series, in which 300 handcrafted carbon frames were made in California that represented absolute pinnacle of carbon frame building technology. Of the last R5CA batch created 3 years prior, there were still frames that had gone unsold. 


Working directly with the Garmin-Sharp team which featured rising stars and a Giro d'Italia winner, Zach wrote, directed and produced a series of videos that left the tech-heavy lingo on the edit room floor. Opting instead to create content around the experiences and the feelings that riders would feel via the strong engineering that the bikes had in their DNA.


The campaign itself went on to win a Webby Award, but most importantly, all 300 of the R5CA frames were sold out on the first day of the  campaign launch. Zach went on to produce content additional content w the Garmin-Sharp team and with the Triathlon division as well. Cervélo is one of the largest bike manufacturers in the world today and 2023 Tour de France champions.

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