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Next Level Sports & Entertainment

A startup sports broadcast and OTT network with innovative DNA and big goals neeeded creative growth, stability, and visionary leadership.


Next Level Sports





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Focused on illuminating stories of African American and BIPOC athletes, NLSE uses an innovative approach and outlook to storytelling - and more importantly broadcast distribution - to create opportunities for HBCU student athletes and the community at large. 


As lead director and head of production, Zach was tasked with building and leading a team to support the visionary growth and heavy innovation of the leadership team. 


During Zach's time at the helm, he created and implemented various protocols, produced multiple TV shows and created the foundation for the Next Collegiate League. During that time, NLSE's viewership grew from 44 million to 105 million households worldwide. NLSE continues to innovate and grow offerings for both the linear broadcast and OTT streaming platforms. They have created their own collegiate sixes lacrosse league that offers HBCU student athletes a direct pipeline to potential Olympic national representation for the upcoming 2028 Olympic games.

NLSE was responsible for launching careers of some notable

On-Air talent such as Emory Hunt.


The Next Collegiate League

The NCL was founded in 2022 and is the first collegiate sixes league that focues primarily on creating opportunites for HBCU student athletes with an eye on the 2028 Olympics where sixes lacrosse will be included for the first time.

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