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Branding the culmination of your brand's identity, value system, mission and purpose that informs not only your marketing and external communications but your internal culture. 

The goal is to align your internal culture with your customer's perception.

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Through my 5-step process, we can develop a robust brand story and create an emotive connection between your offering, your employees and, ultimately, your target audience.

brand cycle

We look at your brand as a fluid entity reacting to and influencing all aspects of the business and product(s). Your brand lives in the hearts and minds of your customers, therefore, you need to be agile and flexible, yet remain true to your core.

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Mapping your customer journey is a key part of your brand. Understanding the needs and wants of your target audience is invaluable as you bring your brand to life. 

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As much as we think of branding as outwardly focused, your brand initiatives will impact the internal culture of your company and will not only bridge the emotive gap to your customer base, but also drive talent acquisition and retention in-house.


Creating a brand is no small feat. Yet, it is an often under appreciated aspect of bringing a product to market. 

In order to get buy-in from a potential customer base, the core or 'the why' of your brand needs to be clearly articulated, easily accessible and authentically built into the company foundation in order for the brand to be successful.

A strong internal understanding of your 'why' builds organic internal culture which then allows for the brand's purpose and values to thrive and push innovation. This allows room for growth and ultimately, adding value in the hearts and minds of your customer base.

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The final destination in building brand equity is always adding value to your end user.

Case Studies

"Zach's understanding of our brand mission seemed to surpass our internal knowledge at times. This led to Zach creating some brilliant branded storytelling that proved to be a win for our marketing team, our shareholders and ultimately, our customer base...who in this case, make up the fastest growing youth sports segment in the US."

Jessica G.

Easton-Bell Sports

"Zachary has an unparalleled ability to find opportunity in challenges. He identifies key insights and then conceptualizes unconventional strategic brand approaches that no one else has thought of – positioning brands for top-of-mind recall. We found great success with his methodology and I couldn't recommend him more as a strategist."

Harold V.


"Every brand needs a good story to set them apart from competitors and to resonate with the target audience. Zachary is super versatile and an incredible brand storyteller that works across mediums – visually through photos, videos and also via copy. He's a valuable asset for us. "

Tassi L.


We can't recommend Zach enough if you are looking to strengthen your brand.  He helped us with a re-brand and walked our team through the of the importance brand elements on our brand story. Sales are up, but more importantly, our internal culture has improved drastically and our HR department protocol was totally revamped due to his suggestions. 

Neil S.

Story Bots


I am a Level C graduate - trained, mentored and certified personally by world-renowned branding expert

Marty Neumeier.

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